Game of Thrones = Sleep

Queen of my domain.

I was a late-comer to the Game of Thrones phenomenon. I watched all of the seasons last year, so this is the first year that I’m watching along in real time. I’m definitely into it, but for some reason I fall asleep at some point during almost every episode – even if it’s not late at night. I wonder if it’s because of the dark night scenes, or the general lack of lighting? It’s not that I’m bored. Very perplexing.

Prior to watching, I read the first book and about half of the second book. Even after I knew the characters, it was hard to get into the books. Normally, I’m a book person, so I was surprised at my lack of interest in reading these books. It all started out as a deal with my boyfriend. He would read all of the Harry Potter books and I’d read all of the GOT books. He won. I’d say it was a pretty easy win, though.

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